10 Brilliant Vinegar Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


It’s always handy to know a few life hacks that will make your life easier. One thing that nearly everybody has is vinegar, and few recognise the immense potential that the acidic condiment has.

For example, you can use vinegar to unclog a drain. The acidic properties of the vinegar, along with some baking soda can be poured into the drain, and then rinsed out, clog-free.

If your trash can smells really bad, pour some vinegar onto a loaf of bread, and place it in the trash can. Like magic, those unwanted smells will disappear.

Struggling with fruit flies? These are a nuisance but you can get rid of them easily. Simply pour some apple cider vinegar in a glass, and then cover it with cling film. Poke some holes into the cling film, and the flies will get trapped inside. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.