10-Year-Old Girl On Britain’s Got Talent Breaks Down


A very beautiful and young 10-year-old girl, with an amazing, innocent, and pure voice like an angel, breaks down and starts crying on stage after being overwhelmed from the pressure and attention during her performance as a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

Recovering like a class act, she picks herself up and takes the chance to go ahead and start again, to cheers from the audience. Called “the bravest girl in the world,” by Simon Cowell, he tells her that she nailed the performance. Blowing away both the audience and those watching at home, this young girl shows everyone that you can start over even though you fall down, she teaches a great lesson.

Many wouldn’t have the nerve to start over, but she really recovered in a classy way, for someone so young she really is a well-mannered young lady which everyone else could see as well. Please share in facebook.