100-Year-Old Woman Finishes Lengthy Senior Race!


This video is so inspirational because it features a senior citizen’s race. You will quickly see there is a man in his eighties at the head of the race, barrelling past the other racers with ease. When they all reach the finish line, they turn to watch in the distance as a little woman is walking at a brisk pace. That woman is 100 years old and she is able to complete the race!

Although she did not win, she certainly is a true winner. This woman has so much strength and perseverance, it will certainly encourage you to go out and reach for your dreams. It is amazing to see her working so hard to make it to the finish line. She never once gave up, even though it must have been quite a journey for her. If you think this woman is truly amazing, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can celebrate her big finish.

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