101-Year-Old Harley Davidson Enthusiast Gets One Last Ride Of A Lifetime


Ray Weser is 101 years old and an amazing man to meet. This man fell in love with Harley Davidson motorcycles when he was only a teen. After serving in the military, Ray worked for Harley Davidson for twenty-four years. To celebrate his love for the motorcycle and his long life, the community planned a big event called “One Last Ride” which allowed Ray to do the one thing he truly loves, riding on the back of a Harley! You will love watching his dream come true in this video.

As Ray climbs on the back of the custom Harley that was built to support his body, he is absolutely filled with joy! He loves riding around with the wind blowing and the sound of the motor as they cruise along. This man already feels like he is in Heaven being on the back of his favorite bike. Do not miss this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.