11 Year Old “Mini Diva” Wows At Britain’s Got Talent Auditions


You have undoubtedly heard of the Got Talent franchise, an open talent show of sorts from the notorious Simon Cowell. First produced in the U.S. under the title “America’s Got Talent”, the show garnered over eleven million views in its first week with NBC and has subsequently inspired spinoff versions in over fifty eight countries since! The British variant of the Got Talent series, Britain’s Got Talent, has (like many other talent shows) seen its fair share of untalented children: kids who have been pushed and encouraged by their parents, but in reality aren’t all that special.

But eleven year old Asanda Jezile is definitely not one. Nicknamed the “mini diva” by BGT fans, Asanda absolutely wows the judges in the third week audition with her incredible stage presence and powerful voice. In it, she sings Diamonds, a song by Rihanna (one of Asanda’s major role models). From her choreographed routine to her amazing rendition of the song, Jezile holds the audience spell bound and is passed onto the next round with a resounding “Yes!” from all four judges, including the notably hard to please Simon Cowell.

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