11 Year Old Zoe Sings Masterpiece By Jesse J


Try watching this video without smiling from ear to ear and maybe tearing up a little bit. Eleven year old Zoe is an amazing singer, her performance of Masterpiece by Jesse J is flawless.

Three judges do their best to convince Zoe to join their team, who will Zoe choose? Zoe handles the pressure of performing and picking a team like a seasoned pro. Zoe has personality, talent and is obviously adorable, watch as her singing career is about to begin. The audience, judges, her family and Zoe can’t hold back the tears as they watch a little girl living her dream.

She sings the song in English, they don’t mention what her first language is, and this in itself is amazing. Speaking multiple languages can be challenging and usually the second language doesn’t sound natural, she sounded completely natural while singing. Please share this with your friends and family on Facebook.