This 12 Year Old Girl Can Not Stop Sneezing Even After A Month!


A 12 year old girl has had a very difficult time in life recently. During this video, you will find out just what is bothering her so badly. About a month ago the girl, who lives just outside of Houston, Texas started sneezing. But the bad part is she simply could not stop! Now the girl sneezes at least 12,000 times a day and it really has change her life in a negative way. Students have began to make fun of her and she just wants it to stop.

Doctors are very puzzled over her condition and allergies and viruses have all been ruled out. No one really knows what is causing this disorder, but she is not alone. A few more people have recently had this same condition, but it is so rare that no one knows how to stop it or what is causing it. Maybe one day doctors will be able to find out what is making this poor girl sneeze so much. Make sure to SHARE this strange story on Facebook.

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