This 16 Year Old Wears A Wedding Dress To Prom For A Very Special Reason


This video is very emotional. You will find a father who is battling brain cancer and a 16 year old daughter that loves him very much. It is a special time in this young girls life, as she is about to go to her first prom. She really wants to make this moment special not only for her but for her father. It turns out that the man has only 6 months to live and they are trying to make the most out of every day.

This prom is going to be the last big event that the father and daughter will get to spend together, so she decides she is going to wear a wedding dress instead of a prom dress. She did this so that her father can get to see what she will look like during her wedding day, which will occur many years from now. Please make sure to SHARE this video with everyone on Facebook.

WTAE-TV Pittsburgh