17-Year-Old Fakes Preganancy at School to Prove a Point


There are many popular “A” students in high school that dream of creating their own social experiments to prove a point. But, rarely do we see one this involved – one that took the cooperation of a girl’s mother, her boyfriend, and some school administrators, too. In this video, you see just how dedicated 17-year-old Gaby Rodriguez is to her cause, as she poses as an expectant mother for six long months and causes a number of people to re-think their own reactions.

Beginning with baggy clothes and adding padding as time went on, Gaby was subjected to cruel, judgemental and assumptions from both peers and (some) faculty. Whether it was people saying her life was now ruined, to “I knew she would get pregnant,” she was just one of many students who get pregnant in high school who are ultimately subjected to extremely cruel rumors and judgments — and it can cause devastation to the teen’s self-esteem. But, Gaby’s point, was that people need to be courageous, and that much needs to be done regarding those who end up in these circumstances.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and this was a very brave decision by a very brave girl – even some of her siblings didn’t know the truth. So, do you think it was right to fool everyone? Or, do you think someone like Gaby really needed to do this to prove a point? Watch the video and decide for yourself. Then, please SHARE on Facebook.