4 Dancers Look Like They Stepped Out Of The 60s. But When Music Changes, So Do Their Moves.


Let’s pretend a music-loving, extraterrestrial landed on planet Earth, and rather than saying “Take me to your leader,” the curious alien wanted to know about our earthling music. In this special case, I would take out my iPhone, and I would show my new friend this video, because wow. While it doesn’t show every kind of music genre or every song, it is a fantastic cross-section (and introduction!) of popular music that has been getting people to boogie from the 1960s onwards.

These four boys decided to do their version of the “Evolution of Dance,” the original being one of the first-ever viral videos of YouTube in 2001 from dancer Jason Laipply. These boys took inspiration and revamped it as the “New Evolution of Dance.”

The routine starts off in the 60s, to Ben E. King’s classic, “Stand By Me.” The young men are dressed for this style of music, wearing old-fashioned slacks and suspenders and retro black and white Chuck Taylors. The music transitions to “Let’s Twist” by Chubby Checker, another popular song of times, before James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” It’s a clever throwback to which the boys are only getting started!