4 Year old Boy Playing Three Tunes Amazingly


Kids are quick learners, and nowadays they become achievers in a small age. Here, a Little boy plays three different tunes in an amazing manner. The boy looks playful and smiling. When it comes to playing the piano, he is the best. His father gave him some instructions on the tunes.

The kid remarkably plays the tune in a composed manner. After playing the first tune, the boy pauses for a while listening to the next set of instructions. Then he gets back to playing music in an awesome manner according to the instructions. This music and tempo are totally different from the first tune.


Each tune lasts for about a minute. The instructions are given in about 5 seconds. The boy plays the tune. The first two tunes are played at a stretch. The third tune is completely different from the first two tunes.

It is played in a different time. The boy delivers the best in the third tune and closes each tune in a perfect manner. The boy uses the fingers in an incredible way. In all the tunes, the boy uses the hands and fingers amazingly. He plays the piano like a professional with excellent music.It is a great achievement for a four-year-old kid.