4 Year Old Calls Police Because Of Math Homework


If you are not good at basic math, struggled through algebra and suffered through calculus, you will relate to this video. I don’t know why a 4 year old has subtraction homework but he is obviously very smart, he found a solution to his dilemma.

The little boy was very clear with the police office, he told him exactly what he needed help with and instructed the officer not to show up in person. It was very interesting to hear the police officer analyze the call, he was in emergency mode and expected the worst.

When the little boy said he needed help with his math, the office heard I need help with my mouth. I think the office was also wondering why a 4 year has subtraction homework. If little Johnny decides to do extra credit homework, the SWAT team might show up at his house. Please share this with your mathematically challenged friends and family on Facebook.