Rescuing an Abused Mother Dog From Starvation


Videos about the abuse of animals are always harrowing. It is truly terrible what some people will do to animals. Some forms of animal abuse involve physical abuse, and the videos will showcase all of the wounds that the animals have sustained. Other forms of animal abuse will be all about neglect, and the videos will demonstrate the level of starvation that the animals in question have sustained.

This video shows a neglected mother dog that has become emaciated. Since she is still clearly lactating, it is obvious that she has puppies nearby. The animal rescue personnel helped free her from this terrible situation, demonstrating a type of heroism that many people can admire. There’s something uplifting about being able to see these heroes in action, knowing that there are still people like this in a world in which other people abuse animals. This is a video that people would enjoy watching on Facebook, since it shows some of the best and worst sides of humanity.