4th Power sets high standards for The X-Factor UK 2015


This one’s from the X-Factor 2015 show. The X-Factor UK is an amazing platform that helps people to display their talent from all around the world and make them gain worldwide fame and recognition.

Watch the video that that shows the girl band 4th power, setting up new standards for The X-Factor UK 2015 with their performance. The performance of their cover of the famous song Bang Bang by Jessie J brings the crowd on their feet and leaves the judges awestruck. The video reflects the amount of dedication and hard work put by the members of the band and how the X-Factor is so important for identifying such talents.

You would love how the singers reach the high notes, and it just wasn’t the audience who were left feeling mesmerized – judges too loved the song. While the X-Factor 2015 did have some power packed punches, this was definitely one of the far better ones that you could not miss out on.

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