5 Awful Things That You Never Realised Were Lurking in Your Bathroom


This video will get even some of the biggest clean freaks. We all try to keep our bathrooms as clean and tidy as possible, but as this clip shows, there are still some nasty things lurking around.

For example, had you considered that your toothbrush and its holder becomes extremely dirty. After you clean your teeth, your brush gets clogged with saliva, bacteria and all sorts of gunk. To give it a real clean, wash it every time you use it, or leave it in a cup of vinegar.

What about your loofah? They keep you clean and they’re great, but we often forget to clean them of the bacteria that they accumulate. Again, some white vinegar will help solve the problem.

Thankfully, while we are shown the horrors of our bathrooms, this video helpfully gives us a few ideas on how to get rid of them. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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