5 Year Old Macey Impresses Ellen With Her Knowledge and Humor


Meet Macey Hensley, her knowledge of American Presidents would put most people to shame. I think it’s safe to say most people might know the names of American Presidents in random order but not from the first to the current. Little Macey has extensive knowledge, a big smile and enormous personality.

Watch as she shares her love and random fun facts about American Presidents, which also includes a song. This charming little girl learned everything she knows in a year through flashcards and books, her love of American Presidents started with recognizing them on money. If you know anything about comedy from the 60’s and 70’s, she has natural comedic timing and delivery that most performers wish they could master.

When she leans in and looks straight into the camera and says poisonous with that big smile, it’s so adorable. If you don’t know who or what a Lemonade Lucy is, you should. Your family and friends need to know also, please share this on Facebook.