50-Year-Old Man Is Caught Trying To Sexually Lure A Thirteen-Year-Old Girl


This video features the sting operation of Dark Justice, a two-man dynamo of online journalists who work to catch pedophiles in the act. They pretend to be young girls so they can catch these guys and get them off the streets before they are able to go through with the act. This video is upsetting and shocking but word needs to be spread about these criminals!

The man in this video is a father yet he is attempting to lure a thirteen-year-old girl so he can have sex with her! This man is sick and he needs help before he ends up committing a crime. In this video, he thinks he is about to meet up with her for sexual fun but he finds himself being confronted instead. This video hopes to shed light on the sick underworld of child predators. After you watch, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.