69-Year-Old Pole Dancer Wows The Audience On Asia’s Got Talent


Just like its American counterpart, Asia’s Got Talent seeks to find the most talented people in the country and help them achieve their dreams of becoming famous. In this video, you will meet a 69-year-old grandmother that is staying in shape by pole dancing. Although most younger women are the ones to take up this sport, this grandmother does not let her age get in the way. When you see her perform in this video, you will be blown away!

They say age is just a number and this woman is proving that to be true. Dai Dali captivates the audience from the very beginning and has them spellbound throughout her amazing performance. Not only does she work perfectly with the pole, she can even do a split with ease! It is thrilling to see someone her age doing so well. Check out her amazing pole dancing routine and Please SHARE on Facebook.