These 7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Are Simply Awesome


It’s safe to say that most people don’t enjoy cleaning up their bathrooms. In fact, many detest the idea of having to scrub tile, toilets, and clean the grime off their bathroom mirrors. As tedious as it can be, it’s a task that must be done. The key to making bathroom cleaning much easier is using effective tools and cleaners. There’s tons of products available in stores, but some of the best bathroom cleaners are everyday things you already have. As this video demonstrates, simple ingredients are powerful at getting rid of dirt and grime in bathrooms.

Plain vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and tea can do wonders to clean your home, especially the bathroom. The household hack guru in the video starts by showing how to make a mirror cleaning solution using strongly brewed tea — it actually works really well! The 7 bathroom cleaning tricks in this video are a must see. Click here to learn how to make your bathroom sparkle in less time and for less money.