7 Dogs Were Saved From Being Put On Korean Dinner Plates!


This video is sad to watch but it is something everyone needs to see. In Korea, it is legal to eat dogs and there is a very large market for their meat. Many dogs live their entire lives in cages and then are butchered and sold as meat. Can you imagine this happening to your beloved dog? Unfortunately, many pets are taken in this area of the world and sold to dog meat markets. This video hopes to shed light on the subject and show seven dogs who were saved.

It is so sweet to see these seven dogs feeling freedom for the first time. Most of them have spent their entire lives in cages and know nothing of the outside world. When you see them running free and being loved, you will find tears in your eyes! Thankfully, there are people rising up to the challenge and rescuing these poor dogs so they can live. Check out this amazing video and Please SHARE on Facebook.