7-year-old helps brother-sister reunite after 6 decades


Everyone loves their family. We try to keep our family members happy and safe and protect them at all times. But how do you feel when you have no family of your own even after trying to find your only sibling for more than 6 decades?

This news report video shows a man who had been trying to find his long lost sister for 65 years but had failed to do so even after writing several letters to people who could help him in doing so. It was a tech-savvy, 7-year-old boy Eddie who came to this brother and sister duo rescue and helped the brother locate his sister by starting a search of his own using his skills.

Eddie explained that he did so because he understood how important family is and thought that no one should be alone in this world. Also he did not want Clifford, the brother to get lonely at all as he would sometimes without a family.