“70 Years Later” Is A Story Of Tragedy And Triumph


“70 Years Later” is a short video story told by a ninety-year-old man who lived through the attack on Pearl Harbor. This short film was created by his granddaughter who wanted to catalogue his memories so they could be passed down for generations. His story shows how crystal clear his memories are of that fateful day and how it changed his life forever. You do not want to miss out on this beautiful story that will truly touch your heart!

Bob Lee is ninety years old but he has the mind of someone much younger. When you ask him about seeing the events unfold at Pearl Harbor, he can tell you exactly what it looked like and smelled like. You will almost feel like you were there as he retells the story. It is important every American watches this video so they can understand what our brave young men went through! After you have watched, Please SHARE on Facebook.