For 8 Months The Service Dog Has Been Away From His Owner. Watch The Sweet Moment!


Cystic fibrosis is a condition which Mary has lived with for quite some time. The genetic disordersometimes makes it hard for one to breath since it normally affects the lungs, and thus the victim is prone to recurrent infections of the lung. Other organs like the kidneys, pancreas, intestines and liver can also be affected by the condition.

Mary, together with her sister developed the condition at birth. However, her sister underwent a lung transplant procedure to counter the condition and it was success.

During bad days, Ollie the mobility service dog helps Mary to move around. At the time when the video was recorded, Ollie had been away with friends for eight months. That meant Mary missed him a lot since he plays a big part in her life.

In the video below, we witness the big moment when Ollie has to reunite with Mary. Though she was not feeling fine in the morning, she had to be prepared for the big occasion.

She missed him a lot and it is understandable when she fails to contain herself at the airport. Given that her husband is always at school, having the service dog near her is all she needs.

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