80 Year Old Man Rocks The Catwalk!


Deshun Wang is the 80-year-old model you will see owning the catwalk. He has worked so hard to keep himself healthy and strong over the years. As you will see in this video, his hard work in the gym has paid off and he has the body of a man much younger! Who has a grandpa that looks this young and muscular? People all over the world are going crazy over this video and calling him the hottest grandpa on the planet!

This man made it his life’s goal to carry out his dreams. He was 79 years old before he was able to make it on the runway. This just proves perseverance and hard work really do pay off! You will be amazed over this short video and may need to see it more than once so you can actually believe what you are seeing! Enjoy the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.