9 Newly Born Puppies Pay A Visit To Daddy. Look At His Reaction… So Lovely!


Of the many breeds of dogs, pit bulls are known to be protective dogs.

But on the other hand, some malicious people have taken the advantage that they are muscular and with a tough dental formula, to utilize them as a weapon (fighting dogs). This is how they earned a bad fame over the years. But the surprising thing is that even though they become fighting dogs, they never leave their cool nature- like they have always been.

Although pit bulls become excellent attackers if trained, they still remain to be having their kind character. They can easily become nanny dogs if trained. This is because they have a greater love and affection for kids.

The love that the pit bulls have for their human friends, is the same love that they give to their little pups, as demonstrated in the video below.

His name is Rocky, like the powerful guy, which I can’t deny that he looks tough when you see him. But the real Rocky is a soft guy. In the video below we clearly see as he gets excited, when his nine puppies decide to pay him a visit!

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