90-Year-Old Widow Was Facing Large Fines Because of Yard Debris She Could Not Remove


As you watch this video, you will hear the story of a 90-year-old widow who was facing fines as high as $2500 per day because of the debris in her yard. This poor woman was facing these fees because a family member had been storing belongings and trash in her yard for many years. Though she tried to clear the debris herself, she could not because of her age and health. Thankfully, Operation Blessing stepped in to rescue her from this ordeal!

When Operation Blessing arrived on the scene, they not only began to clean up her yard, they also worked on repairing her home. Agnes was living without an air conditioner in her bedroom, which had become miserable. When the team asked her if she needed anything, she said she would love to have an air conditioner so they surprised her in the end. This touching video will bless you in many ways! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can be blessed too!