98-Year-Old Woman Plays “How Great Thou Art” on The Grand Ole Opry Stage


Lois Cunningham is Josh Turner’s wife’s grandmother and she is a spunky 98-year-old woman who loves the Lord and loves playing piano. When Josh makes it possible for her to perform on The Grand Ole Opry stage, she is so excited and this becomes a dream come true for her. This video shows her masterfully playing “How Great Thou Art” before a live audience. It is clear to see this woman is still full of so much life and vitality, even though she is aged!

When this dear grandmother begins to play, the audience becomes hushed with amazement at how her fingers so nimble, transverse the piano keys. What a beautiful performance by an even more beautiful soul! She will touch your heart as she plays flawlessly before the massive crowd. Though she was performing before many, she was truly performing for the Lord. If you think Lois plays amazingly, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.