Lady Dying of Melanoma Has a Last Wish to Warn Others About the Dangers of Tanning Beds


Ashley was once a bronzed beauty who thought she did not look beautiful unless her skin was tanned. She went to the tanning bed year round to keep her summer glow. Little did she know, she was paying to die! This video is her warning to the world about melanoma and how tanning is now slowly killing her.



Diagnosed at the age of thirty-three, she fought a long battle of seven years to defeat melanoma. Unfortunately, it appears she lost the battle but warned others to the very end. Her last wish was to warn the world about the dangers of tanning beds. Her desire to be a tanned goddess ended up killing her! Unfortunately, her battle ended but her legacy lives on.

She said before she died if she could help one person avoid melanoma it would be worth it. Check out this heart-wrenching video and Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others!