Abandoned Baby Goat Is Found Wandering A Busy Street Alone


The baby goat in this video is named Harley and was likely discarded by her owner because she was the runt of the litter. This little girl was rescued from a busy street corner where she was found wandering alone. She is very lucky she was not hit by a car! Thankfully, her rescuer took her to Hooves & Paws Rescue where she is free to live the rest of her life in complete bliss, making new friends and receiving the love and attention she deserves.

In this video, you will see her running around and enjoying herself quite immensely! She has made new friends at the rescue, including goats and a dog who likes to give her kisses. Here, she can run and play and have the time of her life. It is important people support rescues like this one so they can care for animals. To raise awareness, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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