Abandoned Dog Was So Depressed He Would Not Eat


Most people do not realize the pain they can cause an animal when they abandon them. When a dog is cast away from their family, it can cause them to experience grief just like a human. In this video, you will meet Barkley, a dog who was abandoned by his family. When he was brought into the shelter, all he would do is sit and stare at the wall, unwilling to eat, play or do anything but sit in sadness.

Unfortunately, we cannot know what was going through his mind. He was grieving so deeply for the family he thought loved them. After weeks of staring at the wall, he finally began to respond and is now eating. Barkley needs a forever home that will show him not all humans are bad! The shelter hopes they will be able to find him a good home soon so he can begin to recover. If you believe Barkley deserves a loving family, Please SHARE on Facebook so someone will find the heart to adopt him!

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