An Abused Horse is Brought Back to Health and Is Given a Loving New Family


Horses require a lot of care, and some people are clearly not up to the task. The horse in this video was horribly neglected, and she was allowed to become emaciated and frail as a result. This video features scenes from the bad old days when she was still going through this part of her life.

However, in the present day, this horse has been appropriately brought back to a healthy condition. In this video, viewers will get to see her meeting her new adoptive human family. This is a family that is going to care for her effectively.

Seeing the horse with loving people after all that she has been through makes a powerful statement in many different ways. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it helps raise awareness about animal cruelty, and it helps show people that abused animals really do have plenty of options in this world.