This Abused Puppy Mill Dog Will Break Your Heart And Mend It At The Same Time!


Billy is a puppy that was found in a puppy mill in North Carolina. For his entire short life, he had only lived in a tiny cage, never able to run around or enjoy freedom, never even touched or spoken to lovingly! When he was rescued by the Humane Society, his life changed dramatically. The poor little dog was missing part of his lower jaw and was all skin and bones when he was found.

Seeing his transformation is both heartbreaking and magical! This little fella captured the hearts of the world and he is sure to capture yours too! Once he was healed, fed, and loved, his sweet little personality came alive and he enjoyed every minute living and being loved! This video is meant to encourage people to go out and adopt rescued dogs because they can fill your life with love! After you enjoy the video, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Humane Society of the United States