Adele Pulls a Fast One on Her Biggest Fans; Poses as a Nervous Impersonator at Audition


What do you think Adele impersonators would do if they suddenly met up with the real thing? Well, in this video, Adele pulls a fast one on contestants in a private audition filmed by the BBC, and as they each wait to go on, they have no idea that the last impersonator, “Jenny,” is actually Adele herself.

This video begins with Adele being interviewed and explaining the personality she is about to take on. She has named herself “Jenny,” has adopted a prosthetic nose and chin, softened her speaking voice, and changed her makeup. Soon after the opening set up interview, the video cuts to all the impersonators waiting in the wings of the stage for their turn. Each impersonator talks about some of the things Adele does when she sings, they all concur that a male impersonator is someone she’d like, and they even talk about the less-than-timely release of her new album. Interestingly though, when “Jenny” begins to feel a little sick and nervous, they reach out to her to make her feel better.

Knowing that Jenny is really Adele makes this video fun to watch, but the best part is surely saved for last. As Jenny begins to sing, the ladies – and one gentleman – begin to realize it’s actually Adele in their presence, and not an impersonator at all. Their jaws drop one by one, and they’re ecstatic… but in complete shock! Watch for yourself how Adele pulls this over on her biggest fans, and then please SHARE on Facebook.


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