Adele Records A Video Apology After Cancelling Show Due To Illness


Adele is a class act all the way and never wants to let her fans down. When you see her in this video, you will be able to tell she is truly very sick and in need of rest. After cancelling her Phoenix show because of a terrible cold, she felt bad about having to disappoint her fans and wanted to release a personal message to them to let them know she will reschedule as soon as she recovers. As you can hear in the video, her voice is very hoarse and she would have an awful time singing.

There are not many stars that would take the time to record a message of apology like this, especially if they were very ill! Adele proves to her fans time and again how much she cares for them and wants to provide them with solid entertainment. We all hope Adele recovers soon! Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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