Adopted Dog Saves A Newborn’s Life As Thanks!


In this video, you will meet a sweet shelter dog named, Duke. Duke was adopted six years ago by this family and they could not have been happier with their new family member. The owner says Duke has always been obedient and is the best dog they could imagine. They had no idea he would end up saving their newborn’s life!

When Duke jumped on their bed one night and began shaking violently, they knew immediately that something was wrong because this was not his normal behavior! When they went to check on their newborn daughter, they were horrified to find out she was not breathing. A quick call to 911 saved their little girl’s life and they will forever be indebted to Duke for his heroic act! How did this sweet dog know something was wrong with the little angel? Enjoy this amazing miracle video and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see this story.