An Adoption Journey That Began When a Man Was Only Twelve


This is one of the most miraculous video presentations you will ever see! When Walt was only a boy of twelve, God spoke to him and showed him a vision of a daughter he would one day have. He told him her name would be Chloe. Across from his family’s farm was Annie and her family and she and Walt grew up together. Little did they know, one day they would become man and wife and fulfill the prophecy Walt was given so many years ago!

This video shows their entire adoption story from start to end. When Walt and Annie began growing closer, they talked about their dreams for the future and when you hear how much their two dreams matched, you will be blown away! This is such an amazing and miraculous story and it ends with Walt’s dream and vision coming to fruition. If you think this was a true miracle from God, Please SHARE on Facebook!