Adoption Story of Two Ukraine Sisters Will Touch Your Heart!


This is the story of a family who had six children and loved them very much. When the mom of the family had a dream about a little girl named Emily, she knew the little girl was hers. At that time, the couple was having trouble getting pregnant so they made the decision to attempt to adopt. Just as they were going through the process, they found out they were pregnant with a little boy. This dream stayed alive with them as they visited a Ukranian orphanage to try and find their daughter.

This is one of the sweetest adoption video stories you are likely to hear. Once they chose Emily, they soon found out she had an older sister that was left behind at the orphanage. The family knew what they wanted to do the moment they set eyes on her. The adoption of these two girls opened up the door to allow more kids to be adopted. To spread the word about the importance of adoption, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see the video.