The Most Adorable 911 Call You’ll Ever Hear


Most of the time, the news is filled with stories that are intended to cause panic and worry amongst their viewers. And most of the time they succeed! Local news channels are, to some degree, even worse, because you are reminded constantly of horrible things happening within driving distance of your home!

But sometimes, just for a moment, the broadcast will contain something that will light up your day, give you faith in humanity, and maybe even restore your trust in the news outlets (maybe)!

If there ever were a story like that, it is the tale of Savannah, a five year old girl from Indiana whose quick thinking may have saved her father’s life.

Her father called the police because he was beginning to feel pain in his chest, but as the dispatcher picks up, he realizes that he can no longer breathe! From there his amazing daughter picks up the phone and handles the situation like a pro in her adorable five year old voice. This is definitely a video you’ll have to see to believe.Like this sentence!Share on Facebook!