Adorable Autistic Toddler is Smitten with Snow White


Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a place where magical dreams come true. This was very much so for the mother of a two-year-old autistic boy, whom she saw fall in love with one of the theme park’s gorgeous characters, Snow White.

Little Jack, who is non-verbal and very shy, was not interested in any of the other magical fairy tale characters whom he and his mom encountered on their Disney visit–until her saw her! Snow white, a fetching brunette dressed in the traditional colorful gown, who had just the right gentle manner and bright smile for the toddler that won his heart.

First Jack shyly watches Snow, then moves in a bit closer. It’s plain to see the adoration blooming in the child’s eyes as he leans in for a hug, and before long his head was resting on Snow White’s knee! Although he cannot speak, his shy smile said a thousand words of love and affection for this Disney Princess.
Disney really is the happiest place on earth, according to one special autistic toddler and his mom. Jack’s mother cried with joy as she recorded this touching encounter.

Amanda Coley