Adorable Baboons Attempt To Rescue Their Fat Friend


This adorable video shows two baboons carrying a stretcher as their chubby friend lies on the ground. When the baboon is placed on the stretcher, the baboons begin to take it away but the stretcher stays on the ground. It is hilarious to watch this funny video. You do not want to miss out this cute one because it will make you smile all day, even if you have had a bad day!

It is amazing to see these cute critters reenacting an accident scene. The chubby baboon looks so cute when it is left lying there and the stretcher carriers leave it. The baboon gets up and hands the man the stretcher cloth as if he wonders what in the world is going on. This is just too cute a video to let pass by. After you have enjoyed the fun, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see and enjoy.