An Adorable Baby Giggling and Cuddling With Some Equally Adorable Pug Puppies


Babies and puppies are both practically synonymous with being adorable, so seeing both in the same video is only going to heighten the effect. These puppies are actually all-black pugs, which helps set them apart from many other pugs, and makes them more unique to see. However, they are just as affectionate as all other pugs, and that’s the important thing.

The pug puppies are all over the baby. They won’t stop jumping on him, licking him, and just otherwise being affectionate in the most energetic way possible. The baby has a matching level of energy. He won’t stop giggling with them, petting them, and otherwise responding to their affection. All of them are enjoying their own private moment of affection, except they get to share it with the world.

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