Adorable Baby Hugs Her Mother Like There is no Tomorrow


When a video about a cute baby or animal hits the Web, it tends to always capture the attention of a large sum of people around the globe, such is the case of this video which has been viewed by almost 300,000 individuals.

In this video, you will immediately see a mother sitting in a sofa carrying her seven month old baby girl. What’s so cute about this video is that this baby is giving her mother hugs every couple of seconds.

The man who is filming the video can be heard laughing constantly.

Even though it was uploaded in 2011, this video still keeps captivating a handful of hearts on a daily basis, as its number of views keeps augmenting. It appears that this baby girl has just learned to give hugs.

She seems to be very joyful while hugging her mother.

Every time the mother asks her to give her another hug, she clearly obeys and hugs her with her short arms. It is definitely one of the most adorable videos that has been uploaded to YouTube in recent years.