An Adorable Baby Panda Plays on a Very Cute Blue Plastic Rocking Horse Toy With Abandon


Baby pandas are the sorts of animals who look adorable no matter what they do, but it is possible for them to look even cuter. This particular baby panda is playing around on a thick blue rocking horse toy. The baby panda does not sit on it in a traditional fashion or anything, and doesn’t seem to really know how to mount the little toy horse properly.

However, the panda does wrap around the little toy horse in a way that is genuinely cute. The little rocking horse does manage to rock back and forth just as effectively, so the little panda is still using the rocking horse in the traditional sense to a certain extent. The panda’s complete lack of self-consciousness only helps to make the video more entertaining. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since few people are going to be able to resist an adorable panda video like this one.