Adorable Baby Is Uber Excited His Daddy Is Home From Work


This cute video shows a little boy who is anxiously awaiting his Daddy to come home. The little baby looks out the window and hopes to see his Daddy arriving any minute. When he sees the lights of his Daddy’s car come in the drive, he gets so excited he can barely contain it. When his Daddy comes inside, he immediately begins crawling as fast as he can until he can reach him.

You will love watching this adorable video and seeing the little one as he grows more and more excited. It is easy to see this little boy adores his Daddy and the feeling is certainly mutual. Even the dog gets in on the excitement! When Daddy picks up baby, doggie gets a little jealous and wants some love too! If you love babies, you will want to watch this video. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy the cuteness.

Keli Vandegrift