Adorable Chihuahua Was Rescued From A Grotesque Puppy Mill


Seeing this little guy after he was all cleaned up and cared for will bring a smile to your face but seeing what he and all of the other dogs went through will cause tears. In a puppy mill in North Carolina, rescuers found hundreds of dogs who were living in tiny cages, never able to see the sun or run and play. When rescuers found him, Billy was mere skin and bones and part of his jaw was missing. This video details his rescue.

While it is truly difficult to look at the conditions these dogs were living in, this is life for many around the globe. They are placed in tiny cages and never truly cared for or given love. Can you imagine having the opportunity to take one of these rescued dogs in and show them true love? When you see Billy, you will immediately fall in love with him! Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.