Adorable Dog Can’t Get Enough Of Newborn Puppy Video!


As you see this dog watching the newborn puppy video, you will smile every time you see his head turn. This pup is so adorable and it is clear he is completely in awe of these newborn pups and their mom. As he sits there watching, his head turns to the side over and over, as if he cannot believe what he is seeing. What a sweet boy he is and this video is so fun to watch!

Can you imagine anything more adorable than watching this dog watch a video? He is so fascinated by what he is seeing on the laptop screen, he cannot get enough. It appears this is his favorite channel and he could sit and watch it for hours and never grow tired of it. This dog is truly a thoughtful pooch and respects the mom and her newborn babies. Enjoy this delightful video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.