An Adorable Dog Gets a Family Reunion and Meets Her Siblings for the First Time in Years

Elephants have the reputation for never forgetting about their family members no matter what. It is interesting to see dogs exhibit the exact same behavior towards siblings that they haven’t seen since they were all puppies.

The people who organized a reunion between a dog and her siblings clearly weren’t sure whether or not the dogs would manage to pick up where they left off, but if their reactions in this video are any indication, that won’t be a problem for them. The dogs seem to instantly recognize one another, quickly getting enthusiastic in each other’s presence.

They’re nearly too energetic for the people who are actually holding their leashes. It seems that they do recognize each other, even after so much has changed. This is the sort of video that people all over Facebook would love to watch, especially given the heartwarming message at the center of it and the cheerful content.


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