Adorable Dog Does Not Want To Leave The Store!


Munchkin is one of the most adorable Shih Tzu pups you have ever seen! She is an absolute sweetheart and normally obeys her owners well. Unfortunately, she does not always want to leave when told to do so. In this video, you will get to view the times Munchkin simply did not want to leave so she gives her owner a hard time by lying down while being walked on her leash.

When she lies down and refuses to walk, it is so hilarious. Her owners practically have to drag her out and she ends up looking like an adorable mop. This is the kind of video dog lovers would not mind watching over and over because it is so cute. When Munchkin seems to melt into a puddle of cuteness, her owners know she is not quite ready to leave. Maybe this pup simply enjoys being pulled along for the ride. After enjoying the video, feel free to Please SHARE on Facebook.