Adorable Dog Tries To Wake Her Daddy But He Won’t Get Up


Lexi is a gorgeous Samoyed that is as white as snow. She loves her daddy and loves to spend time with him but this morning, he is not being cooperative. Although she tries to wake him time and time again in this video, he refuses to open his eyes and get up. Doesn’t he know she needs playtime? This is a sweet video to watch and will make you want to cuddle this adorable dog.

Can you imagine being woken up like this every morning? What a cute image to see when you first open your eyes! Lexi wants to go on a walk so perhaps she will soon be able to convince her daddy to get up, grab the leash and come outside for some fun. If you are a dog lover, you will not want to miss this video! After you enjoy all the cuteness, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Tom Brown