Adorable Dog is Uber Excited About Being Able to Play in the Great Outdoors


This sweet video showcases one of the most adorably excited dogs you will ever see! This Bernese Mountain Dog has a favorite spot his owner likes to take him to so he can run around and play and get beneficial exercise. Each time she takes him to this spot and releases him, his excitement grows so great, he cannot contain it! As you watch him run around and around in circles, it will make your heart smile. It is clear to see this pooch truly loves the beauty of the great outdoors!

As you watch him play and run around, you will see his excitement grow stronger and stronger. Like a kid in a candy shop, this sweet little guy is ready for fun and the joy is just too much for him to bear! What better place for a dog to enjoy getting some exercise than to be surrounded by the beauty of the wild. Check out this adorable video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook!

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